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Based on LeGO vectors we have developed a new method for color guided clonal cell tracking. By expressing three fluorescent proteins of the three basic colors red, green and blue at highly different but for each single cell constant levels, almost every color is generated and allows clonal tracking using this inheritable color watermark. The same principle of color mixing for example is used in computer or TV screens to generate all colors just by mixing the three basic colors. Publication about this method are available here:

- Gomez-Nicola et al., Scientific Reports 4 (2014), Article number: 7520
- Weber et al., Nature Protocols (2012), 7: 839-849
- Weber et al., Nature Medicine (2011), 17: 504-509

The table below provides information of the three vectors most often used for RGB-Marking. Maps are available as pdf-files, sequences are in FASTA-format (text files). There are also map+sequence-files in the pDRAW32 format. pDRAW32 is a great piece of software, it can do all the virtual cloning, restriction analysis, primer annealing, virtual PCR and agarose gels, map drawing, primer database and everything else - and its free (Runs on Windows. MacOS or Linux with free emulators).

{Vectors for RGB-Marking}
The first set of three LeGO vectors for RGB marking are already available through Addgene.org, see Protocols section. Please note that Cerulean is not visible in most DAPI filter sets (its cyan-blue color needs a CFP filter set).

Vector Marker Map Sequence Map+Sequence*
LeGO-Cer2   Cerulean PDF FASTA pDRAW32
LeGO-C2   mCherry PDF FASTA pDRAW32
*use right-klick and "save as" to download file

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