Homepage of the Lentiviral Gene Ontology Vectors

This website contains supplemental information to the following scientific publications:

A multi-color panel of novel lentiviral "gene ontology" (LeGO) vectors for functional gene analysis
Kristoffer Weber, Udo Bartsch, Carol Stocking & Boris Fehse
Molecular Therapy (2008), 16(4): 698-706

Lentiviral gene ontology (LeGO) vectors equipped with novel drug-selectable fluorescent proteins: new building blocks for cell marking and multi-gene analysis
Kristoffer Weber, Ulrike Mock, Bettina Petrowitz, Udo Bartsch & Boris Fehse
Gene Therapy (2010), 17(4): 511-520

This is not an advertisement for the use of lentiviral vectors. The use of lentiviral vectors is restricted by biosafety rules. In any case contact your local biological safety officer before starting experiments with lentiviral vectors!

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